It is Time For a Wedding Industry Revolution – Brides, Are You Ready?

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As a professional planner who’s been in the wedding industry for more than 16 years and spent her life pouring over anything exquisite, beautiful and feminine, I am so excited that you are here.

The idea of that a woman can transform into a queen for a day is just divine and the idea of this day left me healthily obsessed. The allure of a wedding is addictive to me, but yet I see too many brides finding the whole thing a little overwhelming.

I’ll be honest with you, I have struggled with writing this post, every time I write, a cliché appears like "How to Plan Your DIY Wedding, flawlessly" or " Planning Your Dream Wedding is as easy as 1-2-3," but I delight in sharing with you, it's true! The best part, it can happen effortlessly and smoother than you think!

Here’s the truth. Wedding planning is a minefield and far too easy for ambitious brides to get lost and overwhelmed in all the expectations, wedding blogs and Pinterest boards. In 2018 brides are inundated with options, opinions and choices without the need to even leave the house! Although this is an empowering and positive development, it also has the danger of leaving Brides frustrated when they can’t get what they want and I just hate to see you needlessly feeling this way.

Despite the immense amount of information available to supposedly help you plan your wedding, I hear too many Brides waking up after their wedding frustrated because:

  • They didn't get the day they fantasized about.
  • The lead up to the wedding became so stressful, the day itself is was anti-climatic.
  • They spent their whole wedding day managing the logistics or worrying about them.

The frustration is real but if you are reading this and you are still preparing for your big day, then I want you to know that you don’t have to ever experience it.

Let me share how tapping into my pragmatic systematic nature and utilizing my obsession with wedding beauty and style, can make your wedding entirely unique. My free checklist will not only protect yourself against that unwanted frustration, it will deliver the kind of wedding that is still talked about at parties for years to come!

Grab Your Bridal Course

I love the beauty of an efficient system. It appeals to my pragmatic nature and so after graduating high school it made sense to study computer tech. As I looked around my college classroom, I realised I was different to everyone else. Yes I enjoyed the geeky side of life but I could often be found pawing over wedding magazines. During college I continued to explore my passion for weddings and continually kept a pulse on the trends and would lend advice to everybody I knew getting married and would help them plan their weddings.

I graduated college and my life naturally flowed into hospital IT (Information Technology). Budgets, numbers and spreadsheets did excited me. I liked to see everything in order, adding up. Life made sense and my love of weddings grew.

I felt so driven to work in this industry. I was proud when I went back to school and achieved my official accreditation as a Certified Wedding and Event Coordinator and started taking on wedding clients as a side hustle. My "professional career" continued to evolve taking me from hospital IT to becoming a financial advisor and then estate trustee coordinator.

At the time, I saw the wedding/event management and my day job as separate, but it suddenly started to dawn on me that these individual worlds were actually all leading me to something bigger. I was gaining invaluable experience that were contributing to a unique skill-set that was missing from the wedding industry.    

You see the longer I worked in it, the more flaws I saw show up in the wedding industry itself. I could see the way the internet was revolutionizing women's expectations of her wedding day. Instead of just going to wedding fayres (expos) and reading monthly wedding magazines, she was now inundated with options, opinions and choices without even leaving the house. Although this is an empowering and a positive development, it also has the danger of leaving women frustrated when they can’t get what they want. 

The industry wasn’t helping, it remained stagnant and still does today. So many wedding planners are trying to provide the exact same services that they were 20 years ago, but it doesn’t cut it with the today bride. It is quite frankly creating more stress and hardship than providing well needed guidance and support.

By the time I realized this, I recognized I had something to offer these brides that was not off the shelf. The combination of my pragmatic and systematic nature with my complete obsession of wedding beauty makes me unique. The women I worked with were able to glide through their experience from start to finish, save thousands of dollars with my smart finance background and wake up blissfully the next day, bridal planning hangover free.

For me, what is frustrating is this beautiful bridal experience shouldn't be unique and I am absolutely determined to move this whole industry forward and modernize it for the sake of brides all over the country.

So, in 2016 I decided to put on my big girl pants and take a leap. I had been hiding and my true self was most fulfilled when I was helping women achieve their bridal goals through structure, design ideas and stress-free planning. I set out to change and modernize the industry using all of the knowledge I had gained over the last 15 years in both of my fields of study. It was time to marry them and create invaluable tools that all brides can access, not just those who hire me personally.

Walking down the aisle takes a level of confidence but so does the process of planning your own wedding. So, let’s start with a beautifully comprehensive checklist, I want you to let go of the fear of forgetting the unforgettable today and start enjoying the run up to the best day of your life.


A Financially Stress-Free Wedding

Finances (or lack of them) create huge stress in the lead up to a wedding. Did you know that in 70% of divorce cases, financial strain is cited as the cause? With this in mind, when you begin your married life you want to put beautiful wedding rings on your fingers, not a noose of debt.

This is why I always recommend talking openly about money in the beginning. Set your budget and to have honest conversations about expectations tied to that money. Having intimate conversations about how much you can comfortably afford is the foundation of smart wedding planning, no matter what the size. The dreaded guest list is often the first reason the budget is blown out of the water, so I highly recommend creating a preliminary guest list and critically examining it in the early stages which leads perfectly into my next point…

You Can Create Harmony.

Feeling the need to please both families and make everybody happy actually creates agony. Organizing a wedding can actually pull families apart and at worst, can impact on the relationship between the bride and groom. Parents may manipulate the situation with money and thus dictate the parameters when financials are in play.

Having open and honest conversations with your fiancé about how you will come together as a team with your families is a valuable use of your time. I have a secret tool I use with my couples that creates harmony by allowing them to set clear expectations.

Having clarity on what you want is powerful because it enables you to approach all involved with a clear and calm approach. It is important to release yourself from the pressure of keeping everyone happy. Not everyone can have exactly what they want, but you can create a delicious sense of harmony which is perfect for a wedding.

Your Memorable Wedding Can Flow With Ease

There is nothing worse than feeling you have forgotten something, but the reality is, it’s easily done. Even the smallest forgotten aspect can have a frightening domino effect and can cause big logistical issues. The average wedding has over 250 transitions, each managed by somebody on your wedding day and these are all need to managed by somebody on your wedding day. If not assigned properly, things do fall through the cracks.

This is why I recommend using detailed planning tools to get the "what-if's" planned so there are no "what-now's" on your wedding day as well as specific and detailed event timeline software to help create a comprehensive grid of responsibilities.

Before this though, getting your hands on an extensive checklist is invaluable so you know exactly what you need to do and when. I know the importance of this, which is why I have created a beautiful checklist as a gift for you to download today.

Grab Your Bridal Course

Beat The Overwhelm And Move Into Overjoyed

The tasks can feel endless; guest lists, decor, flowers, entertainment, photography, food, venue… it is easy for overwhelm to set in. Pinterest seems like your friend at first, but it can soon transform into a dark hole. You can start to question every decision and sober up to the expectations Vs reality paradigm when you realize that the wedding you had visualized isn’t as easy to DIY as the wedding bloggers promised.  

This is a one-way ticket to a bridal planning hangover but you can overcome it with an organized planning process and research. For example, instead of relying on Google or the Knot, enlist the help of specialists. Many brides are put off assuming it will be expensive but the advice you receive could save you thousands of dollars. You see, you don’t need to compromise, you don’t need to go cheap, you just need to go smart!

The Beauty Of An Efficient System.

The results of my systems and tools can be seen on the faces of the women that I have sent down the aisle. Their beautiful smiles immortalized in the wedding albums and memories.

  • Kelly, an experienced event planner, was confident planning her own wedding but the reality became overwhelming. She found my templates invaluable, giving her clarity and reducing stress and anxiety.
  • Becky was planning a small wedding so she didn’t think she needed a wedding planner. She was on a budget and so after booking the vendors, thought she could relax. It was only after a huge amount of stress that she realized the logistics were the hard part, finally she admitted she needed help. Without my help she wouldn’t have got things in order and running smoothly, she wishes she had saved her time, energy and anxiety and connected with me sooner.
  • Jane had been planning her wedding since she was 5 but when she started the research for her own, she was overwhelmed with the choices. She became fearful of making the wrong decision but luckily connected with me, and with my support and tools, she was able to create a wedding to tell her 5 year old about in the future.

Helping these women has been an incredible experience but today I want to help you. I have designed the most comprehensive checklist for brides who have either 12 months or just 6 months to plan their wedding. This checklist is designed for the bride of today.

In all my years of experience, I know that brides want knowledge. They want to be informed and they want to have the confidence their wedding is going to be perfect. They want to enjoy the process of planning and get detailed help in the areas they aren't comfortable with. They want the flexibility to plan when they have time and have access to a planner who has been in the industry long enough to have the insider info.

When it all comes together these brides look back on their wedding photos with a level of appreciation I could have only dreamt of. It is because of those emotions I feel that I am living my true calling and bringing my God-given talents to the world. I want you to have this same feeling that I've been able to help so many brides, like yourself, achieve. It's the time to move towards being excited to plan ALL the facets of your wedding and losing the overwhelm, anxiety and stress that overshadows the biggest day of your life. I want you to LOVE planning your wedding. I want you to CRAVE picking up your planning tools and be CONFIDENT, you're capable!

It all starts with the checklist, so let’s get started.

Grab Your Bridal Course